MB Miniport Driver Types Study+more

Based on data packet handling, DHCP Server and ARP emulations, multiple MB miniport driver implementation types are possible. The following table represents the different possible implementation types and the required implementation for production quality miniport drivers.

MB 미니포트 드라이버는 DHCP 서버와 ARP 에뮬레이션 와 같은 데이터 패킷 핸들링 기반으로 구현하는것이 가능하다. 다음의 표에 가능한 구현 타입과 해당 부분을 구현하기 위해 필요한 것을 정리해 놓았다.

DescriptionMediaTypeEnableDhcpARP emulation
Ethernet emulation with DHCP emulationNdisMedium802_31Required
Ethernet emulation with no DHCPNdisMedium802_30Required
IP packet handling with DHCP emulationNdisMediumWirelessWan1Not required
IP packet handling capabilityNdisMediumWirelessWan0Not Required

During development or migration phases, miniport drivers can specify any of first three entries. However, production quality miniport drivers should use only the settings specified in the last entry of the table ("IP packet handling capability").

Production quality MB miniport drivers should specify the settings in the following table in the INF file.

개발중이나 마이그레이션중이라면 미니포트 드라이버에 위 처음부터 3개 를 지정해서 사용할 수 있지만, 실제 배포할때는 마지막 것("IP packet handling capability") 만 유효한 설정이다. 

Field in INF fileRecommended value(s)
UpperRange"flpp4" and "flpp6" (if IPv6 supported)


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